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Maximum Weighted Matching (II) Ran Duan . In this lecture • Maximum weighted matching in general graphs • Edmonds' algorithm for MWM • An Application: Christofides algorithm . Review of Hungarian algorithm • Throughout the algorithm: y(u)+y(v)≥w(e) ∀ e=(u,v) (domination) y(u)+y(v)=w(e) if e∈M (tightness) • Tight edges: An edge e=(u,v) is tight if y(u)+y(v)=w(e) Denote the. perfect matching of the same weight, so the maximum perfect matching must have maximum weight. It will increase the number of edges . Reduction between MWM and MWPM •MWM=>MWPM Duplicate G, we have G 1 =(L 1,R 1) and G 2 =(L 2,R 2). Link the two copies of every vertex of G by an edge with weight zero Still a bipartite graph: one side L 1∪R 2, the other side L 2∪R 1. Reduction between MWM.

maximum weight matching. 1.3 Maximum Matching Game. This solution was rather clever, standard tools can be applied by framing the maximum weighted matching problem as a two player zero sum game. This formulation can be found in the homework. The maximum fractional matching problem is a relaxation of the maximum matching Maximum-Matchings sind maximal. Die Mächtigkeit eines Maximum-Matchings wird Matchingzahl genannt und mit () notiert. perfekt falls ⋅ | | = | | gilt, d. h. wenn jeder Knoten gematcht wurde. Perfekte Matchings sind Maximum-Matchings und damit auch maximal Hungarian Maximum Matching Algorithm. The Hungarian matching algorithm, also called the Kuhn-Munkres algorithm, is a. O ( ∣ V ∣ 3) O\big (|V|^3\big) O(∣V ∣3) algorithm that can be used to find maximum-weight matchings in bipartite graphs, which is sometimes called the assignment problem. A bipartite graph can easily be represented by an adjacency.

Finally, we can also solve the maximum-weight matching problem. Corollary 5 Maximum-weight matching can be found in polynomial time. Proof: We reduce it to max-weight perfect matching. Create two copies of the graph G, with cor-responding nodes in each graph connected by edges of weight 0. The max-weight perfect matching in the resulting graph is twice the max-weight matching in G..... 0 0 0 w e G G The Hungarian maximum matching algorithm, also called the Kuhn-Munkres algorithm, is a O (V 3) algorithm that can be used to find maximum-weight matchings in bipartite graphs, which is sometimes called the assignment problem. A bipartite graph can easily be represented by an adjacency matrix, where the weights of edges are the entries

With respect to a weighted graph, a maximum weight matching is a matching for which the sum of the weights of the matched edges is as large as possible. In the depicted graph, a matching of weight 15 can be found by pairing vertex b to vertex c and vertex d to vertex e (leaving vertices a and f unpaired) Hungarian Maximum Matching Algorithm A common bipartite graph matching algorithm is the Hungarian maximum matching algorithm, which finds a maximum matching by finding augmenting paths. More formally, the algorithm works by attempting to build off of the current matching, M M, aiming to find a larger matching via augmenting paths Maximum Weight Matching. To find out in every iteration step, which of the available rectangles have to be paired, a maximum weight matching in a complete undirected weighted graph is used. The nodes of the graph represent the available (meta) rectangles, the edges represent the possible pairs and the weights give information about the benefit of a pair. The higher the weight, the better the pair. The weights are found by a so called benefit function, which evaluates the possible pairing of.

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MAX_WEIGHT_MATCHING_T(const graph& G, const edge_array<NT>& w, bool check = true, int heur = 2) computes a maximum-weight matching M of the underlying undirected graph of graph G with weight function w. If check is set to true, the optimality of M is checked internally. The heuristic used for the construction of an initial matching is determined by heur. Precondition All edge weights must be. CMSC 451: Maximum Bipartite Matching Slides By: Carl Kingsford Department of Computer Science University of Maryland, College Park Based on Section 7.5 of Algorithm Design by Kleinberg & Tardos. Network Flows s u v t x w 20 10 30 20 5 30 10 20 10 10 5 15 15 5 10 The network ow problem is itself interesting. But even more interesting is how you can use it to solve many problems that don't.

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  1. Computing Minimum-Weight Perfect Matchings WILLIAM COOK y Computational and Applied Mathematics, Rice University, 6100 Main Street, Houston, TX 77005-1892, Email: bico@caam.rice.edu ANDRE´ ROHE y Forschungsinstitut fu¨r Diskrete Mathematik, Universita¨t Bonn, Lenne´str. 2, 53113 Bonn, Germany, Email: rohe@or.uni-bonn.de (Received: October 1997; revised: November 1997; accepted: September 1998
  2. The maximum weight matching (MWM) problem is to nd a matching M such that w(M) = P e2M w(e) is maximized among all matchings, whereas the maximum weight perfect matching (MWPM) problem requires every vertex to be matched. The MWPM problem and the MWM are reducible to each other [15]. To reduce from the problem of MWM to MWPM, obtain G~ by making two copies of Gand add a zero weight edge.
  3. max_weight_matching¶ max_weight_matching(G, maxcardinality=False) [source] ¶ Compute a maximum-weighted matching of G. A matching is a subset of edges in which no node occurs more than once. The cardinality of a matching is the number of matched edges. The weight of a matching is the sum of the weights of its edges
  4. A Simple Reduction from Maximum Weight Matching to Maximum Cardinality Matching S. Pettiea aUniversity of Michigan, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2260 Hayward St., Ann Arbor, MI 48109 Abstract Let mcm(m,n) and mwm(m,n,N) be the complexities of computing a maximum cardinality matching an

Maximum weight matching synonyms, Maximum weight matching pronunciation, Maximum weight matching translation, English dictionary definition of Maximum weight matching. ) n. 1. a. One that is exactly like another or a counterpart to another: Is there a match for this glove in the drawer? b. One that is like another in one.. Powered by https://www.numerise.com/This video is a tutorial on an inroduction to Bipartite Graphs/Matching for Decision 1 Math A-Level. Please make yoursel.. A maximum weighted matching of an edge-weighted graph is a matching for which the sum of the weights of the edges is maximum. Two different matchings (edges in the matching are colored blue) in the same graph are illustrated below. The matching on the left is a maximum cardinality matching of size 8 and a maximal weighted matching of weight sum 30, meaning that is has maximum size over all.

  1. g puzzle. graph-theory. Share. Cite. Improve this question. Follow edited Aug 1 '11 at 18:15. Michael Hardy . 248k 28 28 gold badges 245 245 silver badges 527 527 bronze badges. asked Aug 1 '11 at 7:15. Mark.
  2. Das Maximum Weight Matching Problem sucht eine Verbindung der Knoten mit jeweils einem anderen Knoten, so dass die Summe der (Kanten-)Gewichte maximal wird. Jeder Knoten darf dabei nur in eine Kante einfließen. Die Kanten [1,3] und [3,4], wenn 1,3 und 4 Knoten sind, können also nicht beide mit in die Lösung aufgenommen werden. Nur eine der Kanten kann aufgenommen werden, da der Knoten 3.
  3. MAX_WEIGHT_MATCHING_T(const graph& G, const edge_array<NT>& w, bool check = true, int heur = 2) computes a maximum-weight matching M of the underlying undirected graph of graph G with weight function w. If check is set to true, the optimality of M is checked internally
  4. How to find the maximum-weight matching. 4. Probability that exists at least an edge in the configuration model. 2. Proving that a latin square has a set amount of edges. 4. Algorithm for maximum weight matching. 2. Maximum matching for bipartite graph. 2. About a proof of a proposition about maximum matching (Aho, Hopcroft, Ullman) 0. Cardinality of any maximal matching is at least half the.

Finally, we can also solve the maximum-weight matching problem. Corollary 5 Maximum-weight matching can be found in polynomial time. Proof: We reduce it to max-weight perfect matching. Create two copies of the graph G, with cor-responding nodes in each graph connected by edges of weight 0. The max-weight perfect matching in the resulting graph is twice the max-weight matching in G..... 0 0 0 w e G G It is based on the blossom method for finding augmenting paths and the primal-dual method for finding a matching of maximum weight, both due to Jack Edmonds. Some ideas came from Implementation of algorithms for maximum matching on non-bipartite graphs by H.J. Gabow, Standford Ph.D. thesis, 1973. A C program for maximum weight matching by Ed Rothberg was used extensively to validate this.

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The Maximum weight matching(MWM) algorithm is known to deliver 100% throughput under any admissible traffic [2][3][4]. In [5], Leonardi et. al. obtained non-trivial bound on the delay for MWM algorithm under admissible Bernoulli i.i.d. traffic. There has been a lot of interesting work done over time to ana- lyze throughput of scheduling algorithms. But apart from [5], there has not been any. Maximum cardinality matching problem: Find a matching M of maximum size. Minimum weight perfect matching problem: Given a cost c ij for all (i,j) ∈ E, find a perfect matching of minimum cost where the cost of a matchinPg M is given by c(M) = (i,j)∈M c ij. This problem is also called the assignment problem. Similar problems (but more complicated) can be defined on non-bipartite graphs. 1. ScaffMatch: scaffolding algorithm based on maximum weight matching. MOTIVATION: Next-generation high-throughput sequencing... GLDEX; Referenced in 2 articles distributions to data using the weight and unweighted discretised approach based on the bin width data set using the maximum likelihood and quantile matching estimation. Other methods such as moment... SuperLU-DIST; Referenced in 83. 2.3.3 Maximum-weight matching heuristic for the MWA2M problem. We propose to almost optimally solve the MWA2M problem with the following iterative heuristic based on the well-known blossom algorithm (Edmonds, 1965) for finding the maximum-weight matching in weighted graphs. It starts with finding the maximum-weight matching M among the inter-contig edges. All the dummy edges also form a.

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  1. Jump to: General, Art, Business, Computing, Medicine, Miscellaneous, Religion, Science, Slang, Sports, Tech, Phrases We found 5 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word maximum weight matching: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where maximum weight matching is defined
  2. The weight of each edge is drawn independently from an a-priori known probability distribution. Under edge arrival, the weight of each edge is revealed upon arrival, and the algorithm decides whether to include it in the matching or not. Under vertex arrival, the weights of all edges from the newly arriving vertex to all previously arrived vertices are revealed, and the algorithm decides which.
  3. Saberi, Chris Sholley (Submitted on 9 Aug 2018) Abstract: We study the problem of matching agents who arrive at a marketplace over time and leave after d time periods. Agents can only be matched while they are present in the marketplace. Each pair of agents can.
  4. imum cost perfect matching algorithm. Cook, Rohe, Computing Minimum-Weight Perfect Matchings . graph-theory.

A matching M of a graph G = (V,E) is a subset of the set of edges E such that no two edges in M are adjacent. A maximum weight (perfect) matching of a (complete) weighted graph is a (perfect) matching of the graph where the sum of the weights of the edges in the matching is maximum.. There are efficient sequential algorithms that use linear programming (LP) for computing maximum weight matchings Edmonds's blossom algorithm for maximum weight matching in undirected graphs. This library implements the Blossom algorithm that computes a maximum weighted matching of an undirected graph in O(number of nodes ** 3). It was ported from the python code authored by Joris van Rantwijk included in the NetworkX graph library and modified. Getting. maximum weight matching and w∗ being the maximal value of edge weight. This is essentially the same as that of best centralized algorithm (assuming w∗,εconstant) and the Auc-tion algorithm proposed by Bertsekas. Somewhat interestingly, we find that the dynamics of the auction algorithm and the max-product algorithm are essentially the. It is known that the Induced Matching Decision problem and hence the Maximum Weight Induced Matching problem is known to be NP-complete for general graphs and bipartite graphs. In this paper, we strengthened this result by showing that the Induced Matching Decision problem is NP-complete for star-convex bipartite graphs, comb-convex bipartite graphs, and perfect elimination bipartite graphs.

maximum-weighted-bipartite-matching. C++ program to compute the maximum weighted bipartite matching of a graph. Overview. This is a C++ program to compute the maximum weighted bipartite matching of a graph. The input graph must be a directed graph in GML format, with the edges labelled by their weight. The program partitions the graph into source and target nodes, then computes the maximum weighted bipartite matching. The matching is output in JSON format, with each match represented as a. Cash Flow Matching The practice of matching returns on a portfolio to future capital outlays. That is, cash flow matching involves investing in certain securities with a certain expected return so that the investor will be able to pay for future liabilities. Pension funds and annuities perform the most cash flow matching, as they have future liabilities. We are interested here in the version of the maximum weight matching problem (on a graph G) obtained by (1) defining a set F of pairs of incompatible edges of G and (2) asking that the matching contains at most one edge in each given pair. Such a matching is called an odd matching. The graph T (F) = (V F, F), where V F is the set of edges of G occurring in at least one pair of F, is called the.

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Efficient algorithms for maximum weight matchings in general graphs with small edge weights. In Proceedings of the 23rd ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA). 1400--1412. Google Scholar; Ibarra, O. H. and Moran, S. 1981. Deterministic and probabilistic algorithms for maximum bipartite matching via fast matrix multiplication. Inf. Proc. Lett. 13, 1, 12--15. Google Scholar; Iri, M. The maximum weight matching problem is the problem of finding a matching of maximum weight. An edge-cover is a set of edges S that has the property that every vertex is the endpoint of some edge of S. The minimum weight edge-cover problem is the problem of finding an edge-cover of minimum weight. (a) Formulate as an IP the problem of finding a maximum weight matching. (b) Formulate as an IP the problem of finding a minimum edge-cover

Synonyms for Maximum weight matching in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Maximum weight matching. 20 synonyms for matching: identical, like, same, double, paired, equal. Maximum weighted bipartite matching is a generalization of maximum cardinality bipartite matching de-fined as follows. Definition 3.1 Given a bipartite graph G = (A∪B,E), and edge weights wi,j, find a matching of maximum total weight. In the following we may assume •G is a complete bipartite graph. For any non-existing edge addan edge with zero weight. •|A|= |B|. If not, add proper. a maximum matching in a graph is a classic one, rich in history and central to algorithms and complexity. The elegance and complexity of the theory of matching is equally complemented by a rich set of important applications; indeed this problem arises whenever we need toconnectanypairsofentities,forexample,applicantstojobs,spouse 二分图最大权匹配(maximum weight matching in a bipartite graph)带权二分图:二分图的连线被赋予一点的权值,这样的二分图就是带权二分图KM算法求的是完备匹配下的最大权匹配: 在一个二分图内,左顶点为X,右顶点为Y,现对于每组左右连接XiYj有权wij,求一种匹配使得所有wij的和最大 CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Abstract — The scalability of Clos-network switches make them an alternative to single-stages switches for implementing largesize packet switches. This paper introduces a cell dispatching scheme, called maximum weight matching dispatching (MWMD) scheme, for buffered Clos-network switches

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The maximum/minimum weighted bipartite matching problem is a combina-torial optimization problem, and there exist many optimization algorithms to solve the matching problem. But here we try some heuristic or sam-pling methods and expect them to generate reasonable sub-optimal solutions within reasonable time bounds. Specifically we use the ant colony opti- mization (ACO) and the Metropolis. Lecture 21: Distributed Greedy Maximum Weight Matching 21-3 some set of variables that describe its state. These variables are initialized by values from some known set before the algorithm is run. Each process can look into its own state and into states of all of its neighbors, and based on this information transition to a new state (i.e., change values of the variables that describe its. MWM - Maximum weight matching. Looking for abbreviations of MWM? It is Maximum weight matching. Maximum weight matching listed as MWM Looking for abbreviations of MWM? It is Maximum weight matching This algorithm bridges a long-standing gap between the best known time complexity of computing a maximum weight matching and that of computing a maximum cardinality matching. Given G and a maximum weight matching of G, we can further compute the weight of a maximum weight matching of G - {u} for all nodes u in O(W) time

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matching, e.g., when G has edge weights, a maximum f-factor has the greatest weight possible. Note that parallel edges uv can have distinct weights w(uv). 2 Bipartite matching This section interprets the dual variables for weighted bipartite matching as weights of matchings. Later on we do the same for f-factors and general graphs. In all cases. The maximum weighted matching for G, in a list of edges maxmatching documentation built on May 2, 2019, 9:27 a.m. Related to blossom in maxmatching... maxmatching index. R Package Documentation. rdrr.io home R language documentation Run R code online. Browse R Packages. CRAN packages Bioconductor packages R-Forge packages GitHub packages. We want your feedback! Note that we can't provide. One that is exactly like another or a counterpart to another: Is there a match for this glove in the drawer? b. One that is like another in one... b. One that is like another in one.. 1 Maximum Weighted Matchings Given a weighted bipartite graph G= (U;V;E) with weights w : E !R the problem is to nd the maximum weight matching in G. A matching is assigns every vertex in U to at most one neighbor in V, equivalently it is a subgraph of Gwith induced degree at most 1. By adding edges with weight 0 we can assume wlog that Gis a complete bipartite graph. Finding maximum. Maximum Weighted Matching 12345 12345. Y1 y2 y3 y4 y5. X1 3 5 5. 4 1 5. X2 2 2. 0 2 2 . 2 X3 2 4 4 1 0 4. X4 0 1 1. 0 0 1. X5 1 2 1 3 3. 3. l(y) 0 0 0 0 0. X. Y. Create 'equality graph Gl'. We use vertex labels instead of edge weights. l(x) Now solve for maximum matching in the graph Gl. G

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Max weighted matching in bipartite graphs. Here we still have boys and girls, but each edge (i,j) has a nonnegative weight w. associated with it. Our goal is to ~J find a matching with the maximal total weight. This is the well known assignment problem of assigning people to jobs (disallowing moonlighting) and maximizing the profit. Problem 4. Max weighted matching in general graphs. This. M is a max weight matching of size k(that is, among all matchings with kedges, M has maximum weight) and pis a maximum weight aumenting path with respect to M. If we can show that ipping the edges of pyields a max weight matching of size k+1 then we could use this to nd maximum weight matchings of arbitrary size. Title: Microsoft Word - Maximum Weighted Matching Author: Prabhat Created Date: 4/28/2008 10:35:32 P


A matching is a set of edges A in a graph G such that every node is incident to at most one edge in A. Let M(n,c) and M(n,r) denote the maximum cardinality of a matching in G(n,c/n) and G r(n), respectively. It is known that G r(n),r ≥ 3 has a full matching w.h.p., that is M(n,r) = n/2(n/2 for odd n) w.h.p. [16]. If the edges of the graph ar maximum weighted b-matching is a cornerstone optimization problem in graph theory and Computer Science. As a special case it includes the ordinary maximum weighted matching problem (b u =1forallu ∈ V). In the centralized setting, maximum weighted b-matching on graphs belongs to the well-solved class of integer linear programs in the sense that it can be solved in polyno- mial time [5,6. A maximal matching is guaranteed to be a 2-approximation of the maximum matching, and is also a well-studied object in its own right (see e.g. [24, 21, 27,7,29,34,18]). The groundbreaking result. Posted on 2015/04/21 2015/04/21 Author admin Categories DNA / Genome Analysis Tags Maximum Weight Matching, ScaffMatch, Scaffolding Post navigation. Previous Previous post: MicrobesFlux - Web Platform for Drafting Metabolic Models from the KEGG Database. Next Next post: GGtools 5.4.0 - Analysis of Genetics of Gene Expression. Proudly powered by WordPress. The Maximum-weight Stable Matching Problem: Duality and Efficiency Xujin Chena∗ Guoli Dingb† Xiaodong Hua‡ Wenan Zangc§ a Institute of Applied Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing 100190, China b Mathematics Department, Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA 70803, USA c Department of Mathematics, The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong, Chin

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this problem, n = |V|, m = |E| and is the maximum (hyper)edge degree (for graphs = 2). Max Weighted c-Matching is a cornerstone op-timization problem in graph theory and Computer Sci-ence. As a special case it includes the ordinary Max Weighted Matching problem (MWM)(wherec. u = 1 for all u 2 V). Restricted to graphs, the proble Maximum Matching in Bipartite Graph. A matching in a graph is a sub set of edges such that no two edges share a vertex. The maximum matching of a graph is a matching with the maximum number of edges. This is very difficult problem. We study only maximum matching in a bipartite graph.In a bipartite graph the vertices can be partition into two disjoint sets V and U, such that all the edges of. of G has a real-valued weight w(e). A maximum perfect matching M is a perfect matching of largest possible total weight (by our conventions this weight is w(M)). A maximum v-matching is defined similarly. If P is an alternating path for a matching M, its weight with respect to M is w(P,M) = w(P ⊕M)−w(M) = w(P −M) −w(P ∩M). Now let G be a multigraph. Parallel edges and loops are allowed. Let f : V →

Computes the maximum matching for unweighted graph and maximum matching for (un)weighted bipartite graph efficiently. Getting started. Browse package contents. Vignettes Man pages API and functions Files. Package details; Author: Bowen Deng: Maintainer: Bowen Deng <baolidakai@gmail.com> License: CC0: Version: 0.1.0: Package repository : View on CRAN: Installation: Install the latest version of. The Maximum Weight Independent Set (MWIS) and Maximum Weight Matching (MWM) are classically well studied combinatorial optimization problems. A lot of work has been done to design efficient algorithms for finding MWIS and MWM. In this paper, we study application of MP algorithm for MWIS and MWM for sparse random graphs: G(n, c/n) and Gr(n), which are n node random graphs with parameter c and r. It is also known as largest maximal matching. Maximum matching is defined as the maximal matching with maximum number of edges. The number of edges in the maximum matching of 'G' is called its matching number. Example. For a graph given in the above example, M1 and M2 are the maximum matching of 'G' and its matching number is 2. Hence by using the graph G, we can form only the subgraphs with only 2 edges maximum. Hence we have the matching number as two

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maximum weighted b-matching is a cornerstone optimization problem in graph theory and Computer Science. As a special case it includes the ordinary maximum weighted matching problem (bu = 1 for all u 2 V). In the centralized setting, maximum weighted b-matching on graphs belongs to the well-solved class of integer linear programs in the sense that it can be solved in polynomial time [5,6. There are many variations on maximum (or minimum) weighted bipartite matching. The first variation is called the assignment problem where we are given an equal number of vertices on each side and the graph itself is complete (i.e. all the vertices link to each other between the two disjoint sets). The second variation we are given an uneven number of vertices on each side but the graph itself. The maximum matching problem in bipartite graphs can be easily reduced to a maximum ow problem in unit graphs that can be solved in O(m p n) time using Dinic's algorithm. We present the original derivation of this result, due to Hopcroft and Karp [HK73]. The maximum matching problem in general, not necessarily bipartite, graphs is more challenging. We present here a classical algorithm of. a maximum weighted maximum cardinality matching solver potentially unbalanced complete weighted bipartite graph, and if it works out add it to the BGL. Which algorithm (paper or source references would be appreciated) should I implement to do this efficiently, if not the Hungarian algorithm? Post by Aaron Windsor Regards, Aaron. JF. Continue reading on narkive: Search results for '[Graph. Given a preference system $(G, \prec)$ and an integral weight function defined on the edge set of $G$ (not necessarily bipartite), the maximum-weight stable matching problem is to find a stable matching of $(G, \prec)$ with maximum total weight. In this paper we study this $NP$-hard problem using linear programming and polyhedral approaches. We show that the Rothblum system for defining the fractional stable matching polytope of $(G, \prec)$ is totally dual integral if and only if this.

It is defined by the indices.query.bool.max_clause_count Search settings which defaults to 1024. Types of multi_match query:edit. The way the multi_match query is executed internally depends on the type parameter, which can be set to: best_fields (default) Finds documents which match any field, but uses the _score from the best field. See best_fields. most_fields. Finds documents which match. In this paper, we design a BP algorithm for the Maximum Weight Matching (MWM) problem over general graphs. We prove that the algorithm converges to the correct optimum if the respective LP relaxation, which may include inequalities associated with non-intersecting odd-sized cycles, is tight. The most significant part of our approach is the introduction of a novel graph transformation designed.

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Minimum weighted maximal matching has wide range of applications in many fields. In this paper, we investigate this problem with indeterministic weights and obtain an equivalent deterministic integer programming model Bone marrow donation medical guidelines include an assessment of body mass index (BMI) and height to weight ratio. There is not a minimum weight requirement. However, there are maximum weight guidelines for joining the registry and for donating marrow. These guidelines have been established to help ensure your safety as a donor If we find a maximum matching of the subgraph of G which contains only zero weight arcs, and it is not a perfect matching, we don't have a full solution (since the matching is not perfect). However, we can produce a new digraph H by changing the weights of arcs in G.setOfArcs in a way that new 0-weight arcs appear and the optimal solution of H is the same as the optimal solution of G

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